New Sexy Website: Swinging Xtsy

Wow, you MUST check out this new sexy dating website Swinging Xtsy

If I could buy shares in it, I would! This is going to be big!


When I say dating site, I mean meet and have sex!!

The website is called Swinging XtsyIts aimed at the swinging community but singles can create profiles too.  

I was impressed that I was asked what interests “I was in to”. My  answers were then placed on my profile so viewers knew what I liked.

Editing my profile was super easy, and I ended up with a nicely revealing profile. So far so good, I haven’t been bombarded with pop ups, and the site has a nice genuine feel.


Is the website Secure: Rating 10 out of 10 



Swinging Xtsy has paid for a https compared to other sites that have http. Therefore your information is encrypted. It also has a padlock displayed in front of the web address so you know your information is secure and safe.

Furthermore, the Company has good policies regarding Data and member details. You can see all pictures are watermarked with Swinging Xtsy’s logo.

It’s impressive to see Swinging Xtsy use Verotel, a secure payment gateway, similar to paying online with a shop. 

They also use a Member Verification system – Secure verification system gaining you a blue tick once verified.


The website ease of use: Rating 9 out of 10


I timed myself (because I’m a bit geeky,) from arriving at the website, it took me 4 mins 37 seconds to create my profile and start writing on my wall. I uploaded 2 pics (which I received a reward for.)

The website is very easy to use, it’s a mixture of Instagram, Facebook and Twitter – an Instabooker.

It has a user-friendly layout using a wall as the main feature. I clicked on to a member and was amazed at the usability in terms of contact, I could even send a virtual black mamba to the member!!

I upgraded my account, using Xtsy Coins and received my Platinum Badge telling other members my Platinum status.  

I also clicked to become verified so other users know I am legit. This process was fantastic. I was asked to take a picture in a certain pose, and it was automatically sent to the verification team.  A short while later I had a blue tick on my profile picture. Whilst browsing around the website it became apparent that blue ticked people were the ones to look out for. A very good function.

A real Merchant system was used, and this provided me with a great deal of reassurance using my debit card.


The website content: Rating 9 out of 10 


I’ve spent a bit of time researching many dating sites, and it’s clear that this one has had a great deal of time and effort put into it. You really feel a great deal of pride has been put into it, with profiles that are in depth and relevant.

As well as all the normal things you would expect from a  site like this, I noticed features like “travel with me.” A feature that particularly excited me, and made me think.  I soon discovered that if I place an advert stating I am going on holiday, I can request the presence of one or more people… what a fantastic Idea!


The Website has its own currency, Xtsy Coins.  I asked Colin (the website owner) why he chose to do this? He explained that because the site is worldwide, it made sense for everyone to use the same currency.  

I began to understand this when I sent a member a virtual gin and tonic, (purchased with an Xtsy coin.) This was a great way to say hello without spending 10 mins writing hello and how are you!!


Members: Rating 3 out of 10


After speaking with Colin again regarding the shortfall of members. I agree with him, that he made the decision NOT to put robots on to the Website.  

I think the decision is brave and a better choice to keep the site real.  

I can count only a couple of other websites that have boldly carried this through.  So well done Swinging Xtsy!

Not many dating sites would start with one member, and be able to stay alive!

Let’s help build this community. Especially as standard membership is FREE!


I am telling all my kinky, sexy friends to create an account, will you too?  I am positive that this time next year, this site will be the new Tinder.  

Create your profile today and join in the fun.  

To quote Swinging Xtsy’s tagline ‘probably the best lifestyle in the world’.


You can choose the following member categories:

Male, Female, Couple M/F, Couple F/F, Couple M/M, Transvestite, Transgender


Swinging Xtsy also has the option to create Business Profiles, which run alongside regular profiles. The following choices are available: 


CLUBS (free,) Lifestyle Blogger, Shops, Event Companies (free,) Villas, Adult TV, Holiday Resorts, Cruises, Massage, Photography and Film, Travel Agents, and, Adult Entertainment.

If you’re a Business owner in the Adult Industry, I suggest now is the time to create an account, as I envisage Swinging Xtsy will have a huge audience.


The website cost: Rating 10 out of 10


Standard membership – Free

Platinum Membership – 8 xtsy coins per month (£8 per month)

The Platinum membership is excellent value for money, Hopefully they don’t increase it when the site grows! With this membership you get access to the webcam function and unlimited emails, Instant messaging etc.

Compared to other websites, you get a lot more for your money.


The website is offering a 3 month free upgrade currently, to claim this all you need to do is create a profile and write “hello sexy” on Swinging Xtsy’s wall. (Martin Lewis doesn’t even know this!!)



It’s a no brainer, JOIN and use the 3 month free upgrade and be part of this website’s growth! 

We have been screaming for a website with no robots, no scammers.  I have found it; Swinging Xtsy

If you’re looking for a quickie… create a profile now. You don’t need to be a swinger, however if you are a swinger, This is the site of 2020. I’m looking forward to seeing it grow. 

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